Things I learned: 2018#34

  • In git, you can merge multiple sources at once - a merge does not always have to have 2 parents. If you want to merge 3 feature branches into your current branch you can use `git merge feature-1 fe
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Things I learned: 2018#33

It has been a couple of weeks since I last did one of these - so the list is a little bit longer this time. This list contains a bunch of things that I have learned since the last article.

  • Google
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Things I learned: 2018#24

Tags: this week I learned

  • Running an android system without any google apps or services installed is pretty doable actually

  • The only gotcha: A lot of apps require the google maps framework (

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Things I learned: 2018#23

  • with android oreo the storage format of wifi credentials changed from the traditional wpa_supplicant.conf to a new WifiConfigurationStore.xml.
  • WifiConfigurationStore.xml may not be compatible bet
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Things I learned: 2018#22

  • disown can be used to de-associate an application running in the background from the current shell thus not being terminated when the shell is. This is usefull when launching GUI applications fro
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