Things I learned: 2018#23

  • with android oreo the storage format of wifi credentials changed from the traditional wpa_supplicant.conf to a new WifiConfigurationStore.xml.
  • WifiConfigurationStore.xml may not be compatible between android versions
  • Encryption of android devices is hidden behind a ‘require password to start device’ option.
  • LineageOs + no google play services make a phone super snappy while preserving battery life
  • RTL SDR are DVB-TV receivers that can be used as low-cost SDRs (software defined radio) that can read the whole radio spectrum
  • A RTL SDR can receive FM Radio
  • A RTL SDR can receive clock updates
  • A RTL SDR can be used to track plane using their transponder signals
  • Cheap power bricks for laptops can emit a lot of radio noise. My cheap brick emits a lot of noise in the typical FM radio spectrum. I found that out when playing with a RTL SDR.
    Continuously plugging and unplugging the power brick while tuning into an FM band
  • IKEA Tradfri gateway uses the coap protocol. There are client that allow programming your bulbs.
  • The coap protocol is actually pretty easy to work with.