The new me



This article is kind of dedicated to all the people who know me as thephpjo, who are wondering what is going on

When I was 12 years old, I got a PHP book from my brother. I wanted to honour it and not just let it sit in a bookshelf collecting dust. So I read it - every day, front to back, back to front.

So - there I was, 12.5 y/o me knowing PHP basics, totally stoked about what he had learned - and needed a nickname. At that point I decided, that I was not jo, I was the_php_jo (I dropped the underscores later).

Fast forward: 8 years later I am studying software engineering, working as a Developer and developing in various languages, yet for everyone I meet I am just "that php guy" I was feeling how my name alone was limiting the view others had of me to something smaller than what I wanted it to be.

Finding names is not easy: I wanted something that still resembles me: I wanted it to be associated with my name, I wanted it to be short and - I wanted it to be weird, something that it out of the ordinary. I came to the conclusion, that J6S was the right name - it is extremely short, it resembles my name and it is kind of weird

so, what does it mean?


It is extremely simple - It resembles my first name: Johannes - a J, 6 other letters and an S.

The name was inspired by l10n, a common developer abbreviation for locali(z|s)ation, which has the same logic behind it: an L, 10 other letters and an N