Things I learned: 2018#36

  • The remote of IKEA Tradfri lamps is not very intuitive:
    • The remote is round and can be mounted in the frame in any orientation
    • The symbols for more and less light are almost the same making accidentally mounting it upside-down very easy
    • There is no indication to what ‘left’ and ‘right’ mean
  • Using xdebugs coverage filter speeds up generation of code coverage for tests considerably by only scanning the given directories instead of all code (including vendor):
  • You cannot use the pullup resistor on D0 on a ESP8266 board
  • The Qt installer will check for enough space on the volume mounted as / even if the destination is not on that volume.
  • NodeMCU is a firmware for ESP8266 devices that makes developing for the devices almost as easy as writing simple scripts
  • In Go, simple constant expressions are evaluated at compile time
  • In Lua strings are concatenated using ..: print("Sending count to server: " .. count)
  • A thinkpad t470 has some kind of protection that disables USB interfaces for a short moment if your short 5V to ground (I suppose to prevent frying components?)
  • In a TYPO3 RealUrl lookupTable Configuration the useUniqueCache_conf.encodeTitle_userProc method can be used to manually transform the url using user defined logic.
	'useUniqueCache_conf' => [
		'encodeTitle_userProc' => function(array $conf) {
			$processed = strtolower($conf['title']);
			$processed = preg_replace('/\\W+/', '-', $processed);
			return $processed;