Things I learned: 2018#21

  • When using QT5 applications in a GTK(2) context the application qt5ct can be used to adjust the QT style.
  • When setting qt5ct to use the GTK style it can happen that digikam refuses to open. In these cases setting it to something else helps. I do not know where the roots of this problem is.
  • The world did not end when GDPR/DSVGO was introduced
  • KirbyCMS 2.5.10 does not set any cookies in the users browser (unless you explicitly want to use session functionalities)
  • The text inside of a <ul> list flows normally with the rest of the text on the page with the bullets being placed to the left of the normal text flow. The default list style then adds a padding-left to position the bullets in a line with the rest of the page.
  • lsof prints a list of all open files by process. fatrace lists live file accessses by mount point. Together they can be used to debug why a disk is not spinning down (e.g. in a NAS)