Things I learned: 2018#20

  • Finding a good non-verbose privacy policy in english is very hard
  • nginx access logs can be anonymized fairly easily
  • f-droid Is a non-google app store for android that contains only open source software. Perfect for de-googling your phone.
  • Testing software can catch programming errors that are very easy to make but catastrophical in their outcome. While some part of me knew this I had to learn it the hard way.
  • This I have not learned this week but rediscovered: Working environments are important. Be sure to have separate environments for work and play. Yes, your laptop can be used to code and watch youtube videos. Yes, you can also code in your bed if you want to. But for the sake of your mental health: Separate your environments very carefully. Don’t mix play and work time (even your side projects should be treated as ‘work’ in this case). And above all: Your bed should only ever be used for 2 things - and none of them involve a computer.